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March 11
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TH-Nate App by CandehSenpai TH-Nate App by CandehSenpai
:icontachikawa-high: :icontachikawa-high: :icontachikawa-high:

Nate Frei



Doesn't care

17-years old

Second Year


-Going out for a jog or swim
-Like to draw in his spare times
-Enjoys mathematics because he learned it quicker
-Adores chubby girls
-Has another piercing 
-Likes to read books mainly manga
-Watching anime

-Women that are clingy
-Dull things
-People who say that he belongs to them

Nate is not one who ventures out into the unknown and leads the way, he is the one that will follow the leader and strengthen and build upon the discovered, in other words  he is the one that will "dot the I's and cross the T's". This perseverance is given to him by his stubborn streak. Nate's stubborn streak is what gives him independence. He likes to do things his way. He is perfectly fine on being alone, this way things get done the way he wants them to be done. Nate is not a follower, but he's not the brave one either. Nate is perfectly independent. With his perseverance, he gets things done and can do quite well for himself.

Nate is an excellent friend and has few close friends as opposed to many acquaintances. The few people he holds dear to him are guarded and protected. His friends are treated like family and is fiercely loyal and dependable. Nate loves to be the host or hostess. Although not a total social butterfly, he can be shy around strangers, the people who he let into his life are lavishly catered to when he decides to throw a party, he decorate and present everything lavishly. Nate will always pamper himself and his close group of friends.

He is deeply sensitive, the slightest comment or negative remark will be taken personally and he can easily get offended or hurt. His stubborn streak results in laziness. He can be very lazy when someone gives him orders or wants him to do something he does not want to do. He is not lazy when it comes to himself.


Kindergarten / Preschool
Unlike most kids, Nate never really went to preschool. His mother had a tutor to teach him the basics of school because they kept moving from place to place. He wasn't happy because at times he would want to go and see what it would be like to be around other kids. But having a rich family didn't help at all especially if it meant business.

Elementary School
In Elementary, Nate came to first register himself into the third grade this was still in Germany a year before they moved to America. Meaning he passed the third grade with ace scores and continued the fourth in America. Nate didn't have much difficulty because he already knew a little bit of English and he resembled most of the English words to German so it was easier on him though here he began to have a major effect on showing bad flaws with Science. He hated the subject yet he wouldn't show it at all but sooner or later he would get caught trying to hide it from others.

Middle School / Junior High
Around this time, Nate's parents moved to Japan to run a business there until he would Graduate from high school. Here is where his swimming career started going down and he loved it. The water relaxed him from all the troubles in the world. He managed with his swim team able to swim both freestyle and backstroke he had no trouble at all teaching the other newbies how to swim. He had stamina the most so he was pretty fast in the water and out of water that's how he kept in shape. Throughout the time he was getting ready for high school.

Summer before starting Tachikawa High
During the summer before he started his first year of highschool in Tachikawa, something happened to his mother during a car accident and she can no longer see or feel anything from the right side of her body which was bad because she did everything on her right side. This meant that Nate will have to take care of the family business even during high school. Yes, family business. His family was indeed rich but he didn't like to show it at all really. Not because he felt over powering it was just not worth his time mentioning. Unlike, back in Germany this time Nate had no choice but to be forcibly married to a wealthy family name to keep the family name going for everyone. He was not enjoying the thought of getting arranged so early but he did want to save his family's business so he did what he could and with hard work on both sides he managed to succeed his first school year with high standards as well as the company's production ending in green before all the others years and taking care of his mother.  At this point, during summer, Nate wanted to get back into getting ready for the swim team next year and that is what he did. Jogged and worked out until the new years would arrive. 

Additional Info:
-Is mainly at home alone
-Sucks with Science but doesn't show it
-Very good with math
-Usually covers up the paperwork for his father 
-Has a Siamese kitten

"Take a breath and you'll be alright"

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